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The Beginning!

I have never exactly 'got' blogs. I know that they were once the thing, and now they're old hat,  normal, everyone should have them just like every shop should have an online presence. And I suppose they're a mix of diary/information/communication/added value content/advertising etc etc. But whenever I've tried to do one, I keep it up for a few days, even weeks, and then they just fizzle. Who wants to know what I've been doing today, or what I had for lunch or what my friend's cute little boy has done? Even if I found these things massively interesting, I can see no reason at all that complete strangers would in the slightest. But if I'm going to keep the teddy bears going, and if there's a chance that I can maybe sell some, maybe start a wee business, maybe even *gasp* make a living from them (well, everybody says you have to have dreams. More on that another time perhaps...) then I do need a blog. (and by the way, I do actually talk in brackets irl, so expect them here!)  And I'd like it to be an interesting blog, to me if to no one else, that way I might even keep it going. 

And so, I thought that there were a couple of things I might do. One is to try to look for blogs that I find interesting, and as well as examining them for why they're interesting, put links to them here so that other people could find them too. I am a fairly avid Stumbler, and I often come across fascinating and interesting sites that I would never find just by looking, so now I shall save the links and put them in my blog, a bit like Pintrest but for  blogs, articles etc, to pad out my blog! Is this allowed, legal, acceptable? I have no idea, but if no one ever actually reads this blog, then no one's ever going to object, and if someone should actually read it and say something then, I shall deal with it accordingly and 'yay! Someone read my blog!' And, two, I should sign up to the newsletters of all the blogs I find and like here, and then I can have more to say about them, and get a more rounded idea of what I'm looking for. But then, I might be spending all my time reading them and have no time left for my own site/making bears/all the rest. So we'll see about that

So. First blog link. This is one that I often Stumble on, and they are almost always interesting, thought provoking and well written. I am a Buddhist (not a very good one, but that's the way my thoughts go, especially when things get rough), and so this is probably why I like this site. They have a very Buddhist outlook on life the universe and everything (Towel day on May 25th, google it), so they shall be my first blog link.
See what you think

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2nd of May

Okaaay, I put 3 bears up on Etsy yesterday, hooraaay for meee! I know that there's a lot more to do, like improve my pages, improve traffic to my pages, add more bears, finish the mammoth and fur bear etc etc etc. But at least I got started. Actually, getting started isn't usually a problem for me, it's keeping going, and finishing properly that I have difficulties with. Plus I feel pretty dopey today. Not sure if it's the back to normal work routine still or the Dosulepin I took this morning, but I don't feel like doing much this evening. Feels later than half past 7 already. But it was a beautiful day today. I sat out in the garden, dozing in the sun until I realised I was cooking in my jeans! Then I got up and had a kip indoors, from which I woke feeling worse than ever. So. Really need to pull all the stuffing out of the mammoth and see about  changing the discs on it's neck joint, so that the head doesn't flop downwards. I think that's part of the reason. Some of is it needs more stuffing, but I don't think that will cure the problem in itself. More learning, make the joints the right size for the structure. Or, I could just sew the head into position. That would be the easiest option but not the most satisfactory. I'll resort to that if doing the discs doesn't work or can't be done for some reason. 

And I also need to make a cardboard cover for this verdammt track pad so that my typing doesn't keep jumping all over the place whenever I happen to hit the pad with my thumb! :(

14th May

As I suspected, I'm useless at this blogging lark, and mostly I can't be bothered to write about nothing (and that's a correct double negative.) No luck with Etsy yet, but that's no big surprise. Mammoth is finished except for the tip of her tail, and then it's more phtographs, but the weather is lousy lately, so outdoors isn't really viable. But, it must be done somehow, so indoors it will have to be.

25th May 2014!

Wow, can't  believe it's been a year since I've been here. I'm not a good blogger, am I? 

I have been making in the past year though. I've just added some more photos of bears that I've made, and most of the ones I made before have gone to Bear With Me in Kettering. I think that Sally, the owner, is being a bit optimistic with her pricing, especially compared with a lot of the other artist's bears that she has in there, which are made of mohair, and are much more professional and accomplished looking. But, they're only there on sale or return, so if either she or I want to give/have them back, it's fine, no harm no foul as the Yanks say! 

I've also started doing little dragons in polymer clay. Inspired by Becca Gollins dice dragons at Dragons and Beasties, (I didn't steal her name, I PROMISE!), I have made 2 so far. I think I shall do them for Christmas gifts for my gamer friends to start with, for the practise, and to get their reactions and help to spread the word. I have a long way to go until I'm as good as Becca, but I've got some lovely Premo, which is definitely better to work with the Fimo Classic, and firmer than Fimo Soft. So once I've done them and taken pictures, I shall put them up here too.

Blog link  Not exactly a blog, but a fascinating site that I've been looking at every Sunday for a few years now. 


16th June 2014

I got a commission yesterday! Stu and I went to look at sheds and summerhouses with a view to buying one to use as a workshop. We went to a place in Wellingborough that he'd seen and we found pretty much what we were  looking for, so we set about buying it. The guy, Abe, who's business it is, had his little grandson Noah there for Father's day - they adore each other. When we said that we wanted the summerhouse for use as a workshop and mentioned that I made teddy bears, Abe said, 'you make bears, seriously?' I said yes and showed him a picture of Ozymandias on my ipod. He said, 'can you make me one, for Noah?' So there it was. He wanted a good quality bear that will last and can be passed down, but also to be a huggable toy, not a decorative artist type bear. So I've ordered some golden alpaca, safety eyes and joints from Mohair Bear supplies, and I shall probably use the Zanzi pattern for the size, but modify the head a bit, as Abe wanted a 'traditional' bear. Not sure if his idea of a traditional bear is the same as mine, but I shall do what I can. If he doesn't like it, it can go to Bear With Me and I can try again perhaps, with a bit more guidance as to what he means by 'traditional'!


This is where my bears are :)