Cee Dee's Bears 'n' Beasties

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Cee Dee's Bears 'n' Beasties

Hello Dear Visitor!

Welcome to my site. Here you will find the teddy bears and other creatures that I have made. I have been a maker all my life, starting with plasticene, pipe cleaners, and mud.Then once I'd discovered the library, soft toys, paper sculpture, jewellery making and later, painting tee shirts, dressmaking, crochet, sculpture in clay, resin, plaster, wood etc. And now, I've returned to toy making, only to discover that things have moved on massively in the intervening years. There are  now such wonderful fabrics, beautiful eyes, needlefelting, OOAK artist bears, glass beads for weighting, polymer clay for sculpting, recycling old fur coats, and awesome artists who share their skills and ideas. So I decided to get seriously back into toymaking and see where it led me. Perhaps it will turn into a business. Perhaps it will be another flash in the pan. But so far I've made the bears you can see on this site, and I've got more ideas in my head, so we'll see, eh?

I now have an Etsy shop! Please visit and see who is for adoption there. 

Teddy Talk, great website to discuss bears